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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> and have used the wipers on the lenses for this update. how the weather is affecting your drive coming up. >> plus governor brown declares a state of emergency. and a live look skrut side opinion. >> yeah, love that rain that's falling on this thursday, september 18th. this is "today in the bay." a lovely thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with that microclimate forecast we're talking about. >> as rain hits the bay area, here's a look at san rafael where sprinkles have been falling all night and san jose, where we are still looking for
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that water. we have not seen a storm like this in months. >> welcome back radar. i lf to act visit. >> don't get that kind right now it's light but we're going to get more as we head through the morning hours. as we head throughout the weekend, a little warmup will come your way. to go over in your microclaim at. >> first of all, how does it affect me? it's all about me. the reason i've within saying this is it got very blurry for a couple of minutes. we can see across the san mateo bridge. there you gks right on the lens as we speak. we're looking at al atio on the
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is the golden gate bridge does not have wet roads but we're watching in and over all the way on the right you do see some puddling from why are a slick road will slow you down. back to you. >> the overnight rain could mean problems for thousands this morning. >> we joined for more on this wet weather. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and to you, sam. the oil pass some of the outages
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were caused by pow aary rn ther is dust building up on the poles so when the water hits, it can cause a small fire. with the pg&e outage center, there and nos mated type when power will be stored in those a the roads can already be slick because the oil has come up during the dry spell. >> obviously oil is a lot lighter than water and it
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definitely poses a slippery harr that's the latest from the bay bridge for now. >> try to stay dry out there. >> now to the latest on the developing story as the wildfire threat continues to grow in the see area. >> kris sanchez joins us with the latest on wam. >> go good -- good morning. take a look at the cloud looming
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overhead created by the fire itself. it is only 5% contained and the fire behavior is erratic. >> we live in the mountains. fall is coming. weather pattern did and wool adjust our priorities as the weather dictates. >> this day area team got geared up, it is the so-called rainbow team, made up of firefighters from different departments. they don't generally work together but they're ready to hit the ground running. and assistant chief with san francisco fire is their leader. he says the only thing they know for sure is that every day of this fireheight fight will be eligible.
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>> look at the resources at the king fire alone. more than 3,300 fire bell. 300 fire engines, 15 helicopters, 49 bulldozers and that's just one of nearly a dozen wildfires burning up and down the state. coming up in the next half hour, we'll tell you why one south bay battalion chief says even with all those resources headed in one direction -- allow a little extra time this morning because we're also talking about the moisture on the roads. >> we are. we saw stephanie earlier today. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren.
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>> this isn't a super soaker. hours in wait. >> really that's the only surgery when it comes to had th this, we'll focus in on the rain for next week and potentially two systems on the way for the first week of october. coming up first, here's mike and your drive. >> christina, i want to show you our traditional shot, the metering lights are on, the backup at the toll plaza. it's flooded with cars but not with rain. i don't see any sign of that.
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chp said they could not find any spots drizzled. not so bad right now but the truck area on the right does have a little peddle inging a w have a spinout reported around the dumps so just again watch the slick roadways. here's your traditional pattern through berkeley out of richmond. highway 37 with some slowing. it doesn't even register on our index as far as red roadways. a travel through the tri-valley shows a nice easy ride. san jose we showed you a we
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don't have any delays reported, guys, but it's protocol with bart, they will slow those trains down for safety sake. but nothing like that right now. >> thank you so much. 6:09 right now. >> a prescription drug he is admitted to taking. so much more coming up.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back now as we get into this afternoon, these are your temperatures. you can see the chance for thunderstorms. that's what we're going to focus in on. but really, if you're leaving right now, grab that umbrella. showers on the radar this morning. >> and showers on the roads. so that will affects folks like here in palo alto where we have that mist. the slick conditions could be at issue, especially those on-and-off ramps. we'll talk about the earlier spinouts coming up. >> let's quickly recap some of the day's top stories at 6:12 on your thursday. arizona cardinals running back
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jonathan dwyer bailed out of jail. this after being arrested on domestic violence charges yesterday. that stepped out of two incidents, one involving a woman and another involving an 18-month-old child. >> and cameras were rolling when a man had to be rescued when his truck got and a man wanted to stealing packages right off front pore chief justice. sometimes the packages were taken just minutes after they were initially delivered. >> happening today, san francisco now considering doing something no city h.
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>> bob redell joins us live from san francisco outside of city hall where this hearing will take place. what do we know at this point about its chances for success? >> to be determined. good morning to you, sam and laura. if approved, this would be ground breaking, making sap chan t t -- studies have shown the daily use of this drug can cut the risk of hiv infection in gay men by more than 90%. now campos's plan would help pay for the drugs for those who couldn't afford it. it runs about $1,000 a month.
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the drug is covered by most insurances. san francisco supervisor swot weiner admitted yesterday he's been using the drug on a regular basis, making him the first public official anywhere to make that sort of amount lear. he went on to write there is some people that are convinced it's going to make people reckless but others say that's the same argument for birth control. that hearing is scheduled for 9:00 this morning, just a few hours ago. and simultaneously on the steps
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of. >> now mcgrew, a real payoff for investors. >> that's true. curing or preventing disease is the most important thing but you don't have drug research without money and gilead is set to make some of it. this is a stock that has given 20% returns just in the last three months. watch mountain view's vivvus, most famous for developing aweight loss drug just just got approval with the dreg stenra. >> after brad garling here
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stepped down, they have laid off half their staff. >> changes made to apple's operating system says apple can't look at the pictures and texts on your phone even if they wanted to. apple can deny government requests to look at your data because apple can't read it. this is very simple. some libraries simply stopped keeping long-term records. the key phrase to all this is the data on your phone. any time you send your data out of your phone to somewhere else, that's different. the bad guys who hacked hollywood's private pictures weren't hacking into their phones, they were hacking icloud. i think that's this is the most important part of the entire story. not only was icloud insecure,
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some of the stars that were hacked didn't know you were using icloud. part of this announcement cook took a shot at google pointing out some web sites that make you and your data not reading your e-mail. >> 6:17 on your thursday morning as we take a live look outside at a little bit of traffic as drivers dealing with some drizzle in the early morning hours. >> but it's very welcome as we haven't had any rain hitting the area like this. >> wait till i show you the pattern that is shaping up for the bay area. you're look to look at your iphone and it's going to tell you showers today. but can your iphone tell you when those showers will arrive
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in your area? i don't think so. i can tell you that. as we head throughout the morning hours, we're starting to see activity ramp up, like we told you it would. rain pushing through your east bay valleys. as we head throughout the day today, this is going to start to let up but not before we see more moisture roll on shore ahead of your morning drive. we have several systems out there in the pacific lining up and making their way toward the bay area. right now a little activity developing here offshore. that's going to push over san francisco as we head throughout the next 15 to 20 minutes, make sure you're ready for that. stop the clock on your futurecast. that's when we'll have the most moisture heading through the bay area. we stop that clock for you again at 2:00 p.m. at that point most of that moisture is concentrated over your north bay valley spots. it's the higher elevations of
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the north bay that we're focusing in on activity. as we head throughout the day, these are your temperatures. we're going to end up very comfortably today staying in the 70s. 76 today for the peninsula, 70 in san francisco. let's dive into your weekend just around the corner. can you actually hit the beach comfortably before another system of low pressure starts to set up and make its way toward the bay area. by monday at 1:00, we stop the clock again. lots to talk about as we head throughout the next week or two. i'm pretty excited about it. mike, are you excited about the drive? that's the question? >> i'm not so excited. we get through the first bid. i'm watching our shot from time to time, i still see more droplets hitting the camera. we have a smooth drive right now
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but watch the effects of the drizzle. this is the eastern side over in hayward. we have cameras off the side of the bay here, 92 moving smoothly but you have a lot of company. not a lot of slowing. typical build there. palo alto, i want to call your attention to our camera. a lot more glow and sheen on the roadway but things have calmed down. we're having a bit of an issue with our signal for some of these cameras because it looks like the rain may be playing a factor with our cameras. we have on 580 a good volume of traffic. we're talking about your traditional pattern here for 580 and 680. an earlier crash is cleared from the northbound side. we'll see the san jose build
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start to kick in in the next 20 minutes. as we look at the rest of your bay, nothing major but remember traffic and weather is tied together. we're seeing damp roadways which there hasn't been enough rain to consider it wet roadways but damp is a concern right now. >> 6:21. still ahead, the bay area restaurant that's practically begging customers to give them a bad yelp review. >> plus folks in foster city making pl tli way on to the peninsula. we'll be right back after this.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> starting today, a new plastic bag ban goes into effect at all department and pharmacy stores. shoppers can bring a reusable bag or pay 10 cents for each paper back they'd like to utilize. the city hopes the ban will cut down on trash. walnut creek is now more than one of 90 cities to implement this plastic bag ban. stores that violate it could be fined up to $500 per incident. >> don't forget and leave them in the trunk. >> an east bay restaurant is
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urging customers to give it a bad review on yelp. the staff is offering customers special discounts for poor reviews. >> the botto italian restaurant said its goal is to be the lowest rated restaurant on the customer review site. it's about 2.5 stars. they started asking for bad reviews because they were tired of what they call blackmail tactics to force restaurants to buy yelp ads. >> here are a couple of examples. mark of san francisco gave one star and wrote, "i wish there was a zero star option, i'd give that to them. my food arrived before i wanted it to come, it was too hot to heat. it brought back all kinds of terrible memories of eating in italy." >> and darren said i have been
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here at least 20 times and it's still terrible. you know what, i'm going to go back and give them a piece of my mind and appetite." >> you might want to check that out. they sound devastated. still to come, a partnership that has lasted 300 years could end today. a vote on whether scotland will leave the united kingdom. >> and a vote that could ultimately arm syrian rebels against isis. >> and it's been springling up and down the area overnight. a look at all of this right after the break.
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>> we'll talk about your slicker spots on the road coming up. >> the fate of the united kingdom is at stake. right now scots are voting whether to break free from britain. >> wall street keeping a very close eye on that, as well as the fed, which just announced it will keep interest rates at historic lows. there's the opening on the nyse, over on the nasdaq as well, as capitalism gets under way this morning. >> a live look outside on your thursday morning. san francisco and the bay bridge as you wake up possibly greeted by a little bit of sprinkling in the bay area. this is thursday, september 18th, and this is "today in the bay."
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>> and a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we begin with a check of your forecast at 6:30. a live look outside at oakland as folks making their way to work. as you stepped outside of your door this morning, you felt something was a little different, a little humid, a little bit wet. christina, how do continues look right now? >> they're looking very, very promising. we have the showers on the radar that we told you were coming in. everybody who lives on the east shore, can you give your sprinklers a break. this is where we've had the steadiest rainfall thus far. right now it's 6:31. we're getting close to that time frame. shower developing offshore, moving into the city by the bay. this is what we're expecting as we get into your afternoon. we stop the clock for you. by mid-morning the showers
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coming through, they let up by about 10:00 a.m. when we meet back here, we'll likely be tracking some of these showers. but at about 4:00 tonight, remnant moisture, daytime heating, those are the ingredients for thunderstorm foundation. we're going to talk about that and we're going to talk about two more very promising opportunities for rain as we get into the next seven to nine days. overall, it does look like, my friends, our pattern is changing. we're going to stick with the 70s for today, we're going to grab a coat, it's going to feel like fall. i want to check your drive, get you to work on time. >> you might want to leave a little earlier, folks. ease off on both the accelerator and the brake. we're showing you 101 southbound through san rafael. you can see the glow in the
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lights. that's been the problem all morning, slick roadways here. again, it's the second or third one we've had for the north bay this morning. no wet roads here but the east shore freeway got hit with rain, some drizzle earlier. over in oakland, no major concern right now. there's a mid-day game for the a's. that would stir up more traffic there before lunch. and the rain will complicate things late in the morning as well. the san mateo bridge, we see the rain hit the lens from the hayward side, without much delay over there on 101. 101 in san jose shows a smooth drive here. and farther south from the
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silicon valleys, we're talking about the santa cruz mountains. there was a spinout there. i'm not necessarily saying rain to blame there but be careful. >> 6:33 on your thursday. today we could find out whether the u.s. government will be using tax dollars to send weapons to syrian rebels fighting isis. there's a good chance the bill could be approved by the senate today. it has already passed the house with bipartisan support. the u.s. troops he has sent to the region will not be used for a ground war.
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today's raid of the largest counterterrorism operation in australia's history. >> happening now, people in scotland voting to determine whether the country should remain part of the u.k. or break from the union. turnout is expected to be extremely high. with more than 97% of the country's residents registering to vote in the election. voters will be answering yes or no to the referendum question, should scotland be an independent country? >> i think after 300 years, can't be any worse than this government. >> some have criticized those pushing for independence saying they have not answered critical questions, including what currency a free scotland would use. results of the vote are expected to be announced early tomorrow morning. >> unless it creates its own
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currency, scotland won't have a central bank. >> we depend on our own central bank a lot. it should be a lesson to scotland. when it works right, it keeps the inflation load lows that been good for the dow, the nasdaq. they were both up yesterday. the dow up about 41 points. >> still ahead, the giants gaining some ground in the playoff race. >> your orange and black update is coming up next. >> the dublin, what do you think of that? >> i think people better slow it down this morning. we've already heard resports of a blowout this morning.
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do not
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. waiting for laura's signature. hey! >> hey, get me going. >> it's baseball. a live look at at&t park. the giants are not there. they are finishing out a final
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road trip, the last one of the season. a ninth inning rally led the g-men to victory yesterday. now they are just two games behind the dodgers in the n.l. west. >> we're gaining on you guys. amy gutierrez has more in or orange and black update. >> good morning, guys. they won the series against the arizona diamondbacks setting the tone for the final ten games of the regular season. >> it's a great race. the boy fought hard. their pitching did a good job on us. we played well in these two tight games. it's a valuable experience. >> the giants actually able to enjoy a day off today in san diego before they kick off a three-game series against the padres. really fun news to report for sergio romo, the giants' reliever was named as the nominee for this year's roberto clement reward for the giants
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team. it's given out annually to a major league baseball player who best represents the player on and off the field. clement is involved with several charities off the field. sergio romo will be honored prior to september 25th giants game versus the padres in an on-field ceremony. that is your giants update. i'm amy gutierrez for "today in the bay." >> nice guy, too. coming up, power outages and slick roads. the power outages that come with the first major rains in month. >> and the governor declares a state of emergency as crews fight wildfires on the front lines. >> and we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news after this break.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> at 6:43 for the first time in months we're tracking rain in the bay area. take a look at this live radar where we're seeing plenty of pockets of green this morning. >> we have live team coverage. christina loren is tracking the rain totals and mike inouye is keeping track on the road. stephanie, the rain has already led to some power outages. >> reporter: that's right. right now we have a break in the light drizzle we've had in the last hour or so. you can see the usual backup at the metering lights. chp saying give yourself plenty of time to step on the brakes. take a look at the video in san pablo. fires with pretty strong winds carrying the sparks. this was one reason why nearly
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12,000 people were dealing with power outages across the bay area overnight. dust building up on the poles so when the water hits, it can spark a small fire. small outages in pleasanton, livermore. and c.h.p. also warning drivers must be even more careful after they get behind the wheel this morning. >> any time we have the first rain of the season, all that oil is going to percolate up on the roadway, it's going to be a lot slicker. we just ask that people give themselves adequate space between the front of their vehicle and the car ahead of them. >> and we get that same message every time there's wet weather after a dry spell. give yourself more time.
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stephanie chuang. >> we're so excited just to get a little bit of rain in our forecast. looks like traffic is moving there smoothly. be careful, it could be slick out there. >> it's a drop in the bucket but a welcome drop in the bucket. >> we still want you to conserve. just because it's raining out there. we're able to tally up your rainfall total so quickly. take a look at the big winner. the santa cruz mountains one spot where we desperately need that rain. you can see almost a half of an inch. just over the past 24 hours with more on the way. second we have mill valley, upwards of .01 of an inch and we're going to see more as we get into the next couple of
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hours. we're excited about it and you probably are as well. this is great news for the drought. probably waiting for the rain to wash your car, right on time. good news this morning. if your sprinklers are set to go on, go ahead and shut them off, mother nature will do it for you. we'll see more of the activity over the course of the next three to four hours. we're really in the window for the showers right now. i want to show you the south bay. dry right here. overcast skies. we're getting steady drizzle in the south bay as well. if we see anything here, it will be towards the 9:00 hour. we bump up your futurecast to noon. in the north bay, we'll have enough daytime heating potentially to see some thunderstorms fire off. you could see wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, pea-sized
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hail possible and brief heavy downpours. overall these are your temperatures today, even with the rain-cooled air, 70 degrees in san francisco, 70 degrees is the high. temperatures steadily dropping as the cold part of that system starts to move onshore. let's talk about your weekend. looking good for the beach if you want to get out there. as we get into next week, you'll see temperatures start to drop off. we stop the clock for you. monday at 2:00 p.m., system trying to get in here falls apart. wednesday, a good looking system comes into the bay area and on the heels of that one, another very robust system for the first week of october. we're tracking this for you. we're excited about it. let's see what mike is talking about in the traffic department. >> you're excited about the weather and so am i as it affected the traffic. it's balmy, a little humid out there. north 101, we have a sudden
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backup forming once again. someone at least hit their brakes pretty quickly. the roadways are not really wet, maybe damp in some spots. we do see a slower drive northbound 101, 87, and look at the santa cruz mountains, we had a spinout. now, we'll move over toward fremont where southbound 880 slows. we had a jackknifed big rig. that wasn't an issue whether they hit the brakes too hard and the rig can't stop as fast as the tractor pulling it. we do have the slower drive there as well as an earlier fender bender approaching the dunn barton bridge. that's a typical pattern for e
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the -- i don't see any disruption to the flow of traffic. the roadways are looking drier than they were this morning. and we have a slower drive as well westbound 80, got hit with rain early this morning but not a major problem as far as traffic. this is an issue because of the volume of traffic. >> thanks, mike. >> now to new developments in the battle against a dozen california wildfires. more bay area firefighters now on standby waiting to see if they should hit the road to help snuff out some of the largest fires burning across the state. kris sanchez joins us now with a look at the growing king fire and why more bay area help may be needed just to try to get it under control. >> good morning. it is the biggest fire burning right now in the state of california and it's only 5% contained, which is why firefighters from bay area cal fire stations as well as for
6:51 am
santa claire, alameda and others are already at the king fire or headed there soon. we caught up with this crew getting acquainted in san francisco and saying night to meet you for the first time. they're part of a, quote, rainbow team" and he says all he knows is every day of this firefight will be different. >> i just know that i have to be prepared to deal with the changing factors. >> some personnel will help with evacuations and information as well. some of these evacuees sat through an update as an ominous cloud was overhead that was created by the wildfire itself.
6:52 am
i checked with christina and some showers were fall there so that may help as well. what if there is a fire closer to home? a local fire police said firefighters are shifted around to make sure everybody is covered here on the home front. >> thanks so much, kris. >> new accusations this morning could mean pg&e is about to face millions in new fine. an administrative law judge has ordered that utility to answer to charges it argued to get a specific judge assigned to the case. the company is accused of bombarding state officials with e-mails. the judge they wanted was fire.
6:53 am
pg&e says it is reviewing the judge's order. the company already owes $1.4 billion related to the san bruno explosion and it is appealing that fine as well. there are also more questions thorn surrounding a p.u.c. employee who recently resigned. the company's president's chief of staff resigned and could resume her old job as an administrative law judge for the commission. that would give her the power to regular pg&e directly. brown was ordered to resign because of the uncomfortable relationship between p.u.c. and the company it regulates. >> barry bonds wants his
6:54 am
conviction overturned. bonds was originally found guilty of giving evasive testimo testimony. >> the city is calling to give a controversial hiv drug to anyone who wants it free of charge. >> and bob redell is outside city hall where that meeting is taking place. this would be the first city in the world to give this drug out for free. >> reporter: this would be ground breaking. san francisco would be the first city and to show his support for this proposal, supervisor scott weiner announced yesterday, admitted that he has been using
6:55 am
this anti--hiv drug on a regular basis. the first known public official to make that kind of admission anywhere. studies have shown that daily use of the drug can cut the risk of hiv drug in gay monday, more than 90%. however, there is a stigma attached to the drug and that being that it can promote promiscuity, something that supervi supervise is expected to discuss a new initiative to make the drug available and pay for the drug for residents who can afford it. it can cost up to $1,000 a month, though it's covered by most insurance plans and the drug maker gilead, based out of foster city, said it will help
6:56 am
cover the cost for people who need financial help. the city and supervisor are expected to meet on this initiative. and there will be a rally taking place simultaneously on the step, again in just a few hours from now. reporting live here in san francisco among the stuff i can't remember what you call it anymore, bob redell today in the bay. >> what does is start with, an "r"? >> it's called rain. >> earlier scott mcgrew was talking about the security advances built into the new operating system for apple. but you have to download it first. have you done it yet? >> i haven't. if you have an iphone 4, you can't use it at all. it does use a lot of space to install. so back up your data and then delete your biggest apps.
6:57 am
ios doesn't need all the space for very long, just during the install process. you can reinstall the apps later. some people are getting a message saying "your software request has been received. that means you're in line, you'll get the update soon. >> and pizza hut sales have been falling and dominos have been rising. the company says they use less dough than regular pizzas and go lighter than the toppings. sam, if i could ask you to put on your reality check hat here for a minute, if it loses less dough and less toppings, it's just less pizza, right? if you ask a young lady and she says yes, only i'm not going to actually come to the restaurant with you on the date? >> if i'm asking a nice i don't
6:58 am
think lady out and i take her to pizza hut and less toppings, i think we have a problem to begin with. but i do appreciate the insight. >> i think it's just a small pizza. >> exactly. they'll probably charge you more for it, too. >> final check of the day's top stories for you as well take a look, this is an alleged package thief. several homes have been hit. one family has had packages vanish three times in the past year and a half. >> several towns will fog after infected mosquitoes were found. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is the target of a new letter of
6:59 am
protest to his home in response to facebook's policy that requires people to use their legal names to sign up for a facebook page. >> here's another reality check here. bob redell claimed he didn't remember what the word is for what we're looking at today. can you help us out? what is that called? >> it rolls right off the tongue, rain. you know what, i need a free car wash and the rain will provide it. really the big concern will be for drivers, which is why we want to check with mike to see how that is going. >> we have a live look at the golden gate bridge, which has changed now. slick conditions coming down through the area. we have unusually slow drive from hayward into union city and into fremont with an earlier
7:00 am
crash that has cleared at thornton. this live shot has changed dramatically in the last 15 minutes, now we're seeing moisture in the air here. slow it down. >> good words. >> it is not halloween but a handful of giants rookies are already dressed for the occasion. >> i love it! this was tweeted out by hunter pence. it's the team's rookies about to board the play in arizona. from cowboys to indians, even a baby there. the ten rookies had to don a variety of outfits. rookie dress-up day is an annual tradition. >> a diaper and sombrero, you will not see those things paired up often. >> i like the troll. did you guys see snim? ile more sponsors pressure the commissioner, roger goodell, to clean up the league's act. why has he been silent for more


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